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What does the Group Coaching Program entail?

Group coaching is a monthly subscription with sessions occuring twice a month on Zoom.


Each session will feature a short class, where I either focus on something I’ve been impressed with that’s working for one or more businesses, or where I analyze what a group member is working on for the benefit of the group, followed by Q&A.

The Q&A can focus on the example I share at the beginning, but it often shifts to your questions about what’s going on in your business.

Which topics are usually addressed on the calls?

We go into a number of different topics, but some of the more popular areas we cover are:

  • Positioning your brand for growth

  • Refining your voice and messaging

  • Improving your user experience

  • Optimizing your offer and sales funnel

  • Leveling up your post-purchase marketing

  • Increasing customer frequency

  • Maximizing profit per order

  • And much more

Who is the Group Coaching Program for?

The Group Coaching Program is for ecommerce founders, operators, and marketers, who need someone with experience to help them develop a solid strategy that they can execute on their own, with their teams, or through an outside agency.


Typically, brand new ecommerce companies with little or no revenue aren’t really ready for the types of things we cover in this group. Ideally, you probably want to be bringing in around $10,000 in monthly revenue before signing up here. Though there is certainly room for exceptions, and we don’t try to exclude noobies, we won't be focusing on “startup”-type questions.

Seriously? A bonus? That’s cool!

As a member of the Group Coaching Program, you’ll also get access to my private Slack group where you’ll be able to join in the discussion with other members. I’ll be there, too, chiming in with answers to questions.

  • Group Coaching

    Every month
    Walk before you run
    • Group coaching sessions occur twice per month on zoom
    • Sessions include a class and usually a success story + Q&A
    • 24/7 Access to private Slack channel exclusive to this group
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